The Old Yellow Pickup

My goodness, but my grandson has brought a fresh breath of air into our home since his return from the Army.  Always smiling and joking, he has helped me with so many chores.  The lawn was about half mowed when he arrived.  It is now finished and weed-eated.  I can’t weed-eat, so I am ecstatic […]

The Tree Room

Tomorrow, I’m going to tackle a forgotten room, neglected, dank and slightly scary.  It’s my tree room.  I call it that because there is a tree growing through a glass roof.  Yes, it began as an experiment in creativity, and ended in a place I didn’t want to enter.  The problem began with the “boot” […]

Being a Good Steward

I got my crown molding put up yesterday.  I have been waiting about five years to find someone who was skilled enough to do my small job and not cost me a fortune.    The first part, finding someone skilled enough to do the job, was one of the biggest obstacles.  My living room has different […]

Hot July Days

My, but the weather is hot!  I try to do work in the shade and follow the course of the sun from front yard to back yard.  If there is a breeze, I feel like rejoicing. The guys must have done a pretty decent job of insulating the metal-built shop as it offers shade and […]

A New Project

Anyone out there still interested in reading  anything I have to say?  I know I have dropped off the edge of the (internet) world, but I got to a place where my world was more internal than reaching out externally.  Weird thing to say?  Yeah, I just didn’t have anything profound, witty or insightful to […]

Strange Foods

I thought I had seen everything before i saw a package of chicken feet at Wall Mart yesterday.  There they were, all cleaned up and wrapped in plastic wrap.  I shuddered at the sight of them placed next to the other meats in the meat department.  I passed on by quickly. I related this to […]

The Family Meeting

It was a meeting I never thought I would attend.  It was a Family Group Decision Making meeting to get input from the family of what they would like happen in the custody of two little girls.  My little grandchildren.  Child Protective Services held the meeting. Both sides of the family (mother’s and father’s) met […]

The Lord Intervened

This last weekend was a difficult one.  On Thursday, I had made prior arrangements with his mother to pick up my grandchild for visitation for the court-appointed weekend, and everything seemed to be fine.  When I showed up Friday the plans had changed.  I couldn’t get him unless I could promise her the child would […]


For those of you who are wondering where I went–no more blogging for a week or so–I have been  hanging out in no-man’s land.  I’ve felt like I had nothing to give.  This seems weird as I believe myself to be a very blessed person.  Things have happened in my life that I have been […]

Being a Warrior

I thought I would add a new update on our new project, the mobile home to be used for mortgage payments on our ministry buildings.  My friend and I have cut holes in the floors and repaired the sagging water-damaged former holes.  We seem to be patching around other old patches.  The mobile home industry […]

A New Project

I started another project today.  I’ve had a mobile home that has set empty for several months.  The last renter didn’t report water damage to the floors, and they got soft and weak.  Then she moved out, citing the house in poor condition.  I just haven’t felt like repairing the floors, and didn’t want to […]