Getting Ready

I bought a garden tiller today.  I have already planted my 1015 onion slips, and am watching them grow.  It isn’t time for the bell pepper, tomatoes, and Fooled-You jalapenos yet (my regular plantings), but I am watching the calendar.  I don’t dare plant the more sensitive plants before Easter, for everyone know there is […]

A Generous Heart

I stopped by my sister’s house late this afternoon.  When I walked in the door, the tantalizing smell of a pot roast cooking met me full force.  Oh my gosh, it’s dinnertime and I’m an unexpected guest, I thought, how am going to have the strength to deal with this?  My sister is famous for […]

Favored Of God

I read in the Bible of men and women favored by God, and wonder what that would mean in the present-day sense.  The people I read about were Noah, Abraham, Caleb, Joseph, Mary, Ruth, Esther, and others.  When I examined what was mentioned about their lives, some common character traits came to light.  They were […]

Abusive Relationships

Spousal abuse can be complicated, and is no fun.  According to a friend, it sucks the joy out of life, one comment at a time.  She isn’t physically abused, but is met with a, if not continuous barrage of negative words, then a roller coaster  of emotional ups and downs of complaints and accusations from […]

Choosing Paint Colors

I took some color samples to our board meeting this afternoon.  Our open-air venue house, opened up in the back with a 20 foot opening for a stage area, is ready for paint colors to be chosen.  I had checked pictures on the internet for clues of how to pain a Victorian house, and had […]

The Right Attitude

As I go about fund raising for the open-air venue to be created by renovating an old dilapidated Victorian house, each step of the way is being achieved almost miraculously as material and labor comes in daily.  If I had not had so many closed doors and near failures in the past, I would be […]

Where is Heaven?

I got into a discussion with some friends on an internet gaming website the other day.  The question posed by a regular contributor was, “Where is heaven?”  Not a question you would normally expect from this crowd, but they surprise me at their depth and insight from time to time.  There were a variety of […]

Poor Manager or Scammer?

My husband came in today with his feathers all ruffled (a term my sister who raises chickens uses).  He volunteers at a food and clothing pantry in town and he described a couple that came in and dated their application for food as Feb. 27.  It obviously is March 3rd.  I asked what the difference […]

A Good Day

Yesterday, I told about an old friend visiting.  We both slept late this morning, got dressed, and made breakfast. Good biscuits, bacon, yard eggs and tomatoes, and good conversation as my husband joined us from his work..  yumm… There were chores I had to do this afternoon, and she rode along with me.  It reminded […]

Remaining Silent

Keeping my mouth shut hasn’t always been my greatest skill.  If the situation arises, it feels so good to just say what I think.  But in retrospect, the consequences haven’t always been desirable.  Today was one of those days when it was best to chose a plan of action based on keeping good relationships and […]

Old Friends

Joy can come in contacts from the past.  Today, I spoke with two of my best friends from years gone by.  Both by telephone calls.  And that was the hitch.  I just got a new phone and didn’t know how to answer the ring.  I got busy looking through the instructions of how to do […]