Judging by appearance

The other day a friend and I sat down  to catch up on each others lives this past year.  As I told her about my recent projects and interests, she said, “Wow, I would have never expected all these words coming from your mouth!  Internet gaming, starting a new book, board game, speaking at a […]

Playing games

Games are for kids, or for people who have nothing better to do.  That myth follows us responsible people who think we need to be doing productive stuff, like making a living or pursuing a calling.  It takes away from time better spend, we grumble.  But does it? Research shows people are more productive when […]

Using the computer

Where’s my grandson when I need him?  It’s common knowledge that the youth of this generation knows their way around the computer keyboard.  How did they learn these skills?  Osmosis of just being around computers in the classroom?  Or from gaming?  It is as useless as trying to figure out why the sun rises each […]

Old Things

It saddens me when I see new home owners with sledge hammers knocking out cabinets, vanities, other structures, because they are not the latest style or fashion.  If the old wasn’t efficient or workable for their family, I would understand.  And even if they want to spend their money in whatever way they want, it’s […]

Using our provisions wisely

We live comfortably.  We aren’t exactly keeping up with the socially elite in our community, but we get by.  Growing up poor, I have a small nagging voice deep inside my psyche that says, “You know all this could fall apart in an instant if something devastating happened to this country.”  I don’t think I […]

Why are we afraid?

I didn’t sleep too well last night. I had a kitten in the bedroom with me.  A kitten in a live trap.  And it didn’t like where it was, so it meowed until it got too tired, rested and meowed again off and on all night. It had a towel in the cage, water and […]

Learning new things

I know how to do many things—but most from years gone by. Experience is good, but culture is constantly changing. A person my age must make a choice. I can stay in my comfortable world (I don’t worry anymore about how I can pay the utility bills), or I can forge ahead and interact with […]