The Dark Night of the Soul

The dark night of the soul, almost everyone experiences it but few talk about it.  Perhaps they are unaware of how to identify, much less understand it.  It has been described as “a spiritual depression,” “a spiritual detoxification,” a ” long winter of the soul.”  When it happens, a person feels alone, drained of energy, […]


It seems I have been waiting my whole life.  Waiting to grow up, graduate, and leave home.   Waiting for the right man to come along and sweep me off my feet.  Waiting those long months to have a baby.  Waiting to finish college.  I have not always waited well.  I have stressed, groaned and wrestled […]

The Golden Years

I taught/preached in a nursing home for about two and a half years.  I was invited to bring the Sunday service, because they couldn’t keep a college student or find anyone else.  Fine self-esteem booster, right?  Let me explain.  The college students didn’t want to be responsible for showing up every Sunday morning when they […]

Carnival Time

The carnival came to town this weekend.  My grandson and I took his son to the carnival.  The five-year-old child has a heart condition that is slowly repairing itself; the weather was hot, the noise crazy loud, so we told him to pick one ride and we would walk around a bit afterward. He instantly […]

Putting Others First

I grew up in a time when the needs of others were important, especially to my mother in regard to her  children.  If there wasn’t enough food on the table, then Mama would give her portion to us children, just mentioning she wasn’t too hungry that day.  Her older daughters got to borrow her pair […]

Mentoring People

In centuries past, it was commonplace for someone to apprentice himself or herself to a master of a skill or trade in order to learn all the finer points and to gain confidence in that field.  Now we have colleges, trade schools, and such to do that work.  Occasionally, a master carpenter, plumber, or electrician […]

The Cute Little Kitten

When I first got acquainted with my new cat, the name “Sweetness” came to my mind.  Sounded good…she was so cute and sweet.  Then she started growing and getting more brave.   The house started shifting.  By this, I mean whatever was on top of tables or desks fell to the floor, propelled by cute little […]

Confronting Others

To borrow a well-worn statement, “I would rather take a beating than…” confront someone.  I don’t like conflict.  But I dislike the numbness and emotional paralysis that comes from avoiding conflict.  “Cramming it down” would be a good way of describing the desensitizing process of denial.  About all that does is “buy some time” to […]

A Trip Back in Time

This last week my brother, grandson and I traveled to a hidden-away valley just across the border of Missouri where we once lived when my brother and I were young children.  I have always had a greater pull to come back to this childhood home and land more than any other place we lived, and […]

I’m Back!

Sorry for the long delay.  I had trouble editing my site on the road.  We got back two days ago, thanks to the driving help from my grandson.  As I started to catch up on my blog writing, I discovered my computer was down.  I went through the internet company long enough to realize it […]