Purposeful Living

If I don’t keep a careful watch on myself, my days can seem dull and directionless.  The tediousness of waking up each morning and doing the same things I did yesterday, but all over again with little twists of change can put me in mind of Ecclesiastes.  “What has been will be again, what has […]

Choosing Words Carefully

How does a person convey what they want in such a way that the best results are achieved, and everyone is at peace with one another?  This is a continuing problem for me as a project manager for  remodeling projects.  I have the vision of what the finished job needs to look like.  Several components […]

Tedious Details

My life is boring.  All I do is make myself get up and go to work.  This takes some doing as my bed is comfortable, and my body doesn’t want to move.  But the necessity of visiting the bathroom gives me the urgency to stumble in that direction. Ahhh…my stomach propels me to the kitchen.  […]

Under His Wings

Have you ever had a vague “knowing” floating around in your mind, on the verge of self discovery, but couldn’t quite put it to cognitive understanding or into words?  I’ve been wrestling with that feeling for several weeks now, and the quest is slowly forming into recognition of something new for me. It started when […]

Hot Days

I walked out of Home Depot today and was met with a wave of heat, somewhat resembling opening the oven door to check on a pie.  I steeled myself, saying, “I can do this.”  And then as fast of a dash as an old lady can manage, I headed for the pick-up and the air […]

Staying Behind

I want to be with my friends!  I keep getting messages of different friends packing, and hitting the road (or airport) to take them to this years Christian Game Developers Conference in Portland, Oregon.  One friend even posted videos of her family driving through landmarks on the way there, rejoicing that they were almost  in […]

Controlling Anger

There is a person in my life that I must be around daily.  He is not an easy person to be around.  Some days there is peace and a certain camaraderie.  Other days there is a sense of walking on egg shells, trying not to take offense.  And then there are the days that everything […]

A Wellness Checkup

I went for my six months wellness checkup at Scott and White in Temple today.  Boy, do they ask different interview questions:  Do I feel safe at home?  Are others afraid to ride with me as I drive?  Does anyone at home act aggressively with me? These seemed to be standard questions S0cial Security asks […]

Importance of Support

It’s hard to tackle a task by oneself.  But add a friend or two, even though they might  just be observers, and the job gets much lighter.  If I am going through a difficult emotional struggle, having a friend to come along side of me and say, “I understand. I see what you are trying […]

Coming Alive

I’m experiencing a new feeling lately, of actually doing the things I am supposed to do each day.  Am I having perfect days?  Not hardly.  I’m just as imperfect as I’ve always been, so what’s different? I’m not escaping.  Escaping into food, escaping into TV, escaping into a safe place in my mind.  I’m showing […]