Sing a New Song

There’s a commercial on TV where an older woman says “they say a person gets to an age where they don’t care (about their appearance) anymore.”  She tosses her head and says, “I wonder what age that is…”

She is right, a person can get so bogged down in doing what is expected of them, faithfully being responsible for others, and just getting too tired to make an effort to start fresh again.

I like the passage in Psalm 98:1 “Sing a new song to the LORD; he has done wonderful things!”  A commentary explains “God loves doing a new thing and renewing our body, soul, and spirit. When we sing Him a new song we are worshiping and praising Him but at the same time we are renewing our minds and souls by remembering the great things He has done.”

I was talking to a friend this past week, and we discussed this very thing.  Does a person get so entrapped in their life and ways of doing things, they think it is too late to be refreshed by making changes?  I don’t mean to scrap their obligations and go off and live with abandon from their past circumstances.

I have been reviewing my own life.  I have no children or grandchildren that depend upon me.  My marriage is practically non-existent as my husband is failing mentally and physically, and doesn’t think he should treat me with kindness and gentleness when he is stressed.  I have chosen to still provide care for him as long as he can remain in the home.  But I feel lonely, too young to not be an active part of the community.  Memories of past vacations, sights and sounds lost in the drudgery of daily living come to me in little snatches and glimpses.  Wistfulness comes upon me.  My life has always been focused on being a beneficial participant in the Kingdom of God.  Have I lost my usefulness?

I sought the courage to refresh my life.  As my friend and I talked, she mentioned that included getting healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually.  “It cannot be done in the next week, or month, but will require an active progression over time to regain your physical strength.”  Same with the other facets of being holistically refreshed.

I have been carefully getting my finances in order for some time.  I knew I could not depend upon my husband’s resources to get me by.  He is retired military, and as a widow, I would need extra income.

Now, I will have some funds to do some of the things I dream of doing, taking short trips, visiting with friends, etc. as long as he is cared for while I am away.  Hope comes back into my heart.

Perhaps I can sing a new song.  After thoughtfully reading the above passage in Psalm 98, I can see that God is okay with me taking care with myself, and looking forward to new experiences (without dishonoring my marriage).  I can still be useful, and give Him gratitude for all the things He has done for me.  I had not thought of being healthy, vibrant, and useful as being an act of worship to Him.  I’ll have to think on these things for a bit.  Do we naturally get renewed by the act of giving Him gratitude through worship?  Our life becomes a song?