The Right Diet for Me

I tried controlling my eating habits for a long time.  I finally just stopped being intentional about it and simply tried to not overindulge.  And then several months ago, I succumbed to the habit of emotional eating due to some circumstances in my life.  So I gained over 20 pounds, and became physically weak and sluggish.  My clothes got so tight that I rummaged in my dresser drawers and brought out some old “fat clothes.”

I found an on-line ad about a company selling a customized Keto diet plan, tailored to your size, weight, and nutritional needs.  I bought a month’s set of menus for $35.00, but it took me several months until I got the courage to start it.  Doing without bread, potatoes, and desserts seemed pretty drastic, but the fast weight loss claims won me over.  I could do it for a month at least and see what happened.

What happened was I loved it!  The food and menus fit my needs like nothing before.  It might not be the thing for others, but it certainly is working for me.  As I write, I’m going on my third month, and have lost over 22 pounds.  I want to document why it fits me so well:

1.  I cannot cheat for that would throw me out of ketosis and I would have to start over again.  A good two or three days would be lost.  In the past, cheating was my downfall.  It would lead to grazing through the refrigerator like a cow through a clover field.

2.  The menu gives from 4 to 6 small meals a day.  I don’t need to snack, because I’m never hungry.

3.  I’m learning how to cook differently.  The recipes call for spices, herbs, green salads, etc.  I have always heard it said a person needs to change eating lifestyles.  I have grown up cooking Southern style: meat, potatoes, breads, banana puddings.  I haven’t known how to cook differently, or where to start making choices that would be foreign to me.  Cooking differently for over two months is teaching me new habits, and has me developing new taste choices.  Who knew I would like spinach and onion salads, with lemon and olive oil?

4.  I’m losing faster than I would on a regular diet.  I was losing about 2 pounds a week on WW, but I am losing almost double that on Keto.

5.  I’m experiencing a newfound sense of patience.  It has been so easy for me the last two months; I can calmly keep doing it for another year and I will be at my ideal weight.  What else would I be doing for the next year?  Going on about life as usual.  Being disciplined will bring me benefits in health and appearance.

There is one factor I must keep in mind.  I asked God to help me, and I need to honor His help.  I also know temptations come from the enemy, who would love to see my health deteriorate and my life stay stagnate.  I know my human flesh is a component, but that is where I lean on Him.  I choose life and health.

If anyone reads this, it might seem pretty silly, but I think I need to write it to myself foremost.  If anyone else enjoys it or can relate, so be it.