Sing a New Song

There’s a commercial on TV where an older woman says “they say a person gets to an age where they don’t care (about their appearance) anymore.”  She tosses her head and says, “I wonder what age that is…” She is right, a person can get so bogged down in doing what is expected of them, […]

The Right Diet for Me

I tried controlling my eating habits for a long time.  I finally just stopped being intentional about it and simply tried to not overindulge.  And then several months ago, I succumbed to the habit of emotional eating due to some circumstances in my life.  So I gained over 20 pounds, and became physically weak and […]

Learning to Walk Away

It is so easy to get caught up in a heated argument and say things you wished weren’t said later.  I have a good desire of taking the higher road in a conversation, monitoring my responses to fit my intentions, and show a loving heart in spite of what the other person says.  It doesn’t […]

A New Way of Cooking

I have had a lifetime of struggling with food.  At times it seemed like food was my enemy.  I either consumed it with pleasure and abandonment, or I tried to control my need for it.  By this I mean my desire to use it for coping with stress, treating myself as some form of reward, […]