Dilemma Over Cabinet Pull-Knobs

I’m redoing an old cabinet unit, upper and lower, into a buffet.  It is sorta beat up, but was custom made out of real wood.  I like that.  So much of today’s furniture and cabinetry is made of recycled wood that resembles sawdust held together with glue, so the idea of creating a shabby-chic piece that would last for years appealed to me.

I had some beaded-ceiling boards that had set out in the weather until it had been sun bleached and turned that grayish look only time and the elements can produce.  An old bed post and rails some termites had rejected long ago provided some decorative corner pieces.  Surprisingly, they cleaned, polished and varnished beautifully, the rich wood casting a mellow sheen in contrast to the beaded-ceiling.  A cull piece of plywood from Home Depot provided enough good wood for the countertop, stained a “special walnut.”

Now it was time for the pulls.  I wanted something that was decadent and flashy, the part that would finish the shabby-chic look.  I had been in Hobby Lobby earlier and saw they had some really over-the-top hardware.  Just the place to go.  So I went.

I narrowed it down to three designs, all of them pretty flashy.  But my goodness, were they expensive!  I went on my usual exploration tour.  “Are these going to be marked down soon?” I asked one clerk.  She was conscientious about her job.  “I really can’t say, Ma’am, you will just have to come in Monday and see if they are marked down.”

So I found another clerk, one in a middle management position, “I need several of these pulls, and there aren’t enough on the shelf.  Can you order some in?  And are they coming on sale anytime soon?”  Yes, they were, and she could order them at the reduced price.  Good deal!

Now, to choose which one I wanted.  I couldn’t make up my mind, so I did what I usually do in that case.  “God, which one would be best?”

I believe I heard Him indicate one of them.  Then the doubts began.

“Is that the one that would look the best?  Would I like it next week?”

I took pictures with my phone, went home and fretted, asked my husband and several other people which one did they like?  They liked either of the two sparkly ones.  I still couldn’t decide.

I had to go pick them up today (50% off).  I had another talk with God.  “I know I asked You which one You liked.  So why am I second guessing it?  Am I afraid You won’t give me what I want?  Is it a trust issue?”

For heaven’s sake, they are just cabinet pulls!  What’s at stake here?  Is it a matter of doing what You want or what I want?  That should be easy…I want to do what You want.  But what if I don’t like them?  Doesn’t He want us to use our own mind and design talents?  (There are lots of places I must struggle through, like paying the bills, so it’s not a matter of my brain deteriorating.)

Really, Murselle?  Just buy the one He suggested, and learn to like it!

The bottom line is, it’s just a cabinet pull, but it also shows honor to my God.  To have a good relationship with Him, I enjoy talking to Him about even the small things, and being meek enough to listen.  I shudder to think if I cannot be faithful in the small things, He might present a bigger test to my loyalty.  Now, that I don’t want .