Purposeful Living

If I don’t keep a careful watch on myself, my days can seem dull and directionless.  The tediousness of waking up each morning and doing the same things I did yesterday, but all over again with little twists of change can put me in mind of Ecclesiastes.  “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

What is the point?  Am I choosing the right goals?  Will life in the future satisfy me?  But to keep one’s sanity, a person must look in a different direction.  There’s something more than the work that we all do in order to fill our days and give us purpose.  We must examine our understanding of life.  My Christian belief is that we are living in a testing ground on this earth to see if we can submit ourselves to a holy creator who wants the best for us here on earth and later in an afterlife.  Can we give up our own selfishness and distrust and willfulness of doing it our own way?  We seem to be broken people at best.  Our hope lies in a savior who rescues us.

If we look forward to this hope, gratitude is the natural product that sustains us.  Gratitude for the changed heart, for all the provisions we receive from a loving heavenly Father.  I can tell when my heart is full of gratitude and when I am low in this area.  As I contemplate how fortunate and blessed I am I can feel the life-force well up in my body until living is once more exciting and worthwhile.

Sharing is another element that is important.  When we help carry another’s burden, share complementary words of appreciation, or just give a little gift we enter into community living.  Community living is where we care for the well being of others and view them as valuable parts of our whole human experience.

I’m describing the art of purposeful living.  Living with an ultimate purpose of eternal redemption as individual beings and as a collection of many, each sharing their individual talents that make the whole better than the sum of its parts.

So waking up each morning grateful to be alive and blessed, keeping in mind the divine purpose of life (however tedious), and giving of ourselves allows us to live in another dimension where things are new and fresh, and heavenly activity is afoot!  Now that’s exciting.