Tedious Details

My life is boring.  All I do is make myself get up and go to work.  This takes some doing as my bed is comfortable, and my body doesn’t want to move.  But the necessity of visiting the bathroom gives me the urgency to stumble in that direction.

Ahhh…my stomach propels me to the kitchen.  What can I eat that is within my eating plan and scope?  Usually, it is a bacon and tomato sandwich or a deviled egg sandwich.  A little bit of reduced calorie carbohydrates in the multi-grain bread and some protein, now that will last me until mid afternoon.  My carpenter doesn’t like to eat lunch because it makes him feel sick and slow (he’s slow anyway), so I hate to eat in front of him.

My health coach tells me I need to bring a snack to work with me and she made a slogan for me:  “Bring along a snack so I don’t get out of whack!”  Bananas and apples are good snacks, or a few nuts.

We are almost finished with the project that has taken us some months to complete, but there are still a dozen little things yet to finish.  Repair windows, find that faulty electrical circuit, clean all the mess we made, touch up the paint, etc.  Frankly, I am tired of the project and want to move on.  I’ve never been a creature of habit, and this going to work has turned into a habit.

So we changed things up a bit.  We went to another job site and started putting on the porch roof that didn’t get finished some months earlier.  This little building looks like an old-time salon with the high false store front.  It has a Victorian door with all the scroll work and two stained glass windows on the walls on both sides of the door.  I want to put my stained glass supplies and equipment there.  I need a hobby so I won’t get bored.  Yeah, right.

I came home early enough to sort through the office desk, and found two bills that my husband had failed to pay or to tell me about.  They were both past due.  Being the weekend and most offices closed, I quickly tried paying the bills online or by automated pay.  I hope we still have auto and home insurance…  I hope an email confirmation will be proof enough!

Oh yeah, I was watering my neighbor’s garden while he is away, and nabbed a nice yellow squash, took it home and fried it.  Delicious!  I called him and confessed up.

So, you can see how boring my life is.  I am contemplating joining Sisters on the Fly and taking my Betty Boop camper to one of their campsites and getting a little sisterly companionship.  But I must remodel the camper first.

I read over this blog and thought, “I am bored because there is no emergency, no current drama, enough money to pay the bills, and I am well.  Perhaps I should be praising God for His provisions and peace.  Wake up, Murselle, and get joy in your heart.”