Hot Days

I walked out of Home Depot today and was met with a wave of heat, somewhat resembling opening the oven door to check on a pie.  I steeled myself, saying, “I can do this.”  And then as fast of a dash as an old lady can manage, I headed for the pick-up and the air conditioning inside.  As I drove off, the console temperature gauge read 111.  I made another stop for some groceries and headed home.  The temperature said 113.  Wow!

I don’t remember it being this hot even in Texas for a number of years.  You would think we were living in a desert.  It changes how we do things.  One of my workers has been coming in to work at 6:00 am, and he leaves about 3:00 pm.  He has worked hard to get the air-conditioners working on both buildings of the project, so we tender ladies can bear working in the houses.  (And some not-so-tender guys have been taking breaks before the air-conditioner.)

I heard of one city that has cancelled all road work in the daytime in favor of working at night, except for short emergencies.  The workers are rotating on and off each hour to avoid heat stroke.

My poor plants are suffering as well.  I suspected it would not be a good year for a vegetable garden and didn’t plant one.  I did plant some decorative plants along a walkway.  They must be watered regularly.  I had some volunteer tomato plants come up in the soil around my septic tank, and they are even wilting.  By the word volunteer I mean they come up naturally from where the sewage ran over one month and had to be repaired.  I have been watching those pretty little tomatoes grow, turn pink and then red.  I have been debating if I want to eat one or not.  We fertilize with manure, etc, so what is the difference?  If I do taste one, I probably won’t tell anyone.  I can just see it now, “Eeeuu!!”

My sister has been warning that if we don’t get rain pretty soon they will have to sell off half of their cattle.  She explained that it would be difficult and slow to build a good herd up again.  We have been praying for rain.

If Elijah was here, maybe we could pray to God to have him set up an alter and challenge some of the heathens around here (shady characters serving their false idols of wealth, pleasure, and vises) for a rain storm.  Trouble is, I don’t know very many people who could stand in for Elijah, and if they did, they would be accused of being deranged.  I suppose we just need to keep praying.  That is what Elijah did.