Staying Behind

I want to be with my friends!  I keep getting messages of different friends packing, and hitting the road (or airport) to take them to this years Christian Game Developers Conference in Portland, Oregon.  One friend even posted videos of her family driving through landmarks on the way there, rejoicing that they were almost  in Portland.

Yes, I could have gone, but after praying I just didn’t get the “go-ahead” from the Lord.  I already knew it wasn’t practical at this time.  I have a couple of projects underway, with workmen needing instructions and materials.  They would probably like for me to disappear for a few days so they could do it their way! lol

Traveling is also difficult for me.  My oxygen saturation is better now than a couple of years ago when I had to take deep breaths all the way through the flight so I wouldn’t get faint.  The airlines won’t allow oxygen tanks on the plane, and to rent one of those portable units is expensive.  It has been a long recovery from open heart surgery three years back, but I am doing fine.

The greatest reason I didn’t feel compelled to go is that I have lost my driving compulsion to make internet games.  I briefly considered making board games, but don’t have a prototype ready right now.  I’ve been too busy doing carpentry work on my properties.  I’ve kinda lost my short-term goals.

However, my consuming goal is to help others, to tell about the importance of having Christ in one’s life.  In the past, I have spoken at the conference about how to do this in games.  Now, that was exciting and fulfilling.

The conference has been good for me the several times I have gone.  I have learned how to be flexible with a younger generation, seeing how God meets each generation in their own time, space and social norm.

I have learned how to constantly be sensitive to the Lord’s direction, to listen to Him, to seek ways to be of service.  This is a way of life that has proven to keep me in the right places at the right time.  So I trust Him, and I know that I might have my heart in Portland, Oregon, right now, but I simply need to hang around Texas this week.

Besides, they might serve pizza and all those things that would blow my eating plan out of the water!