A Wellness Checkup

I went for my six months wellness checkup at Scott and White in Temple today.  Boy, do they ask different interview questions:  Do I feel safe at home?  Are others afraid to ride with me as I drive?  Does anyone at home act aggressively with me?

These seemed to be standard questions S0cial Security asks now.  Or could S&W ask some of their own?  My answers seemed to satisfy them.  I told them they would have to ask those riding with me what they thought, and if anyone at home yelled at me, I could give as good as I got.  Oh well, I guess that is a new slant on holistic medicine.

I got a good report on my general health, just need to tweak it here and there.  Driving home, I got to thinking (after my favorite radio channel statistic(d) out), I am in a position to get some good years of beneficial work done.  No one has a guarantee of how long they will live, but I want to make these last years count for something.  Make my mark.  But that’s silly.  I don’t have to prove my value as a human being, but I guess most people want their works remembered.  As children, I remember my brother and I carving our names in a tree and wondering if it would be there many years from that day.  I guess I should go back and see if the names are still there…

I went back to Red Lobster on my way home.  I had been thinking about it all day, wondering if  wanted to push the limits of my eating plan again.  Funny thing, I really didn’t enjoy it as much as I had two weeks earlier.  All I could think about was how much breading they had crusted (fried) around the fish.  I pulled it off the shrimp.  I brought over half of the meal home to my husband.

It was such a habit to order fried fish.  Truthfully, I probably would have felt cheated if I thought I must order sauteed food.  Well, I think it is time to change the cooking method if I am going to feel guilty.

I’ve finally lost a few pounds.  It seems like a miracle to be smaller when I have been behaving myself and having fun doing  it.  I don’t feel deprived.  Instead, I feel pleased with myself for being obedient to what is good for me and honoring God with it.