Importance of Support

It’s hard to tackle a task by oneself.  But add a friend or two, even though they might  just be observers, and the job gets much lighter.  If I am going through a difficult emotional struggle, having a friend to come along side of me and say, “I understand. I see what you are trying to overcome,” makes it much easier.

I have a few of these supporters.  A friend that calls me at midnight to chat about the day’s happenings, knowing I will be up at that hour, is nice before I go to bed.  Another person might not be as welcome, but we have known each other for years, and it’s okay.

I have a sister that calls me often and checks me out to see if I am doing everything to her approval.  That once irritated me, but I love her so much, I just ignore the “fine print.”  I know she means well.

And I have a coach that calls me three times a week to help me keep on track with my healthy eating program.  I really think she will make a difference in my success.  She leaves me inspirational notes that often come at the right times and says the right things.  Little one liners  like : Food is fuel, not therapy.”  Wow!

And most of all, I have my heavenly friend who is always my companion, guiding me through the day, comforting me when I am down, and telling me I can do all things through He who strengths me.

I am blessed.