Much Welcome Rain

It was a wet day today.  I got rained on and got very wet.  I got caught over at my grandson’s house when it started sprinkling.  Never trust a few sprinkles in Texas.  I got under a tree until the few sprinkles passed.  They turned into a deluge, and I was forced to make a run for my house.  I did have a covering over my head, a child’s raincoat, a very small child’s raincoat, at that.

Knowing I would most likely get rained on again when I went into town for supplies at Home Depot, I decided not to change clothes before I went.  I was so wet and cold in their air-conditioned store.  In a hurry to leave, I left some of my purchases at the counter, and must go back tomorrow to pick them up.  Oh well, an opportunity to do more shopping…

My son and I had lunch at a Chinese food restaurant.  I was surprised that I would be able to eat most of the dishes on the buffet as they were made of lean meats and vegetables. Of course, I didn’t have to heap my plate so much, but feel like I didn’t overeat too much.  A bowl of watermelon and some turkey chili finished off the day.

I did come home and took a warm shower.  Before I got in the shower a marketing lady called me (again), and I told her I wasn’t interested.  She kept on talking and talking, but seemed so nice I didn’t want to be rude to her, so I told her I had gotten wet and was going to take a shower.  She kept talking.  I said, “I’m taking a shower now, but I won’t hang up on you if you want to keep talking.”

She kept talking.  Part way through my shower I heard her say, “hello, hello…I don’t hear anything…”

She gave up on me, and when I came out of the shower, she was gone.  Not to be daunted, however, she called me back in a few minutes.  I didn’t pick up, and she gave up.

Some people talk so much they don’t check to see if anyone is really listening.