Tiring Day

The day started off with my being super tired.  I didn’t get to sleep until late.  I thought I had to get so many things done last night, ending the night with washing my hair and going to bed with it wet.  Silly girl, I didn’t have to have clean hair to see the doctor, but I couldn’t stand all that hairspray like a football helmet on my head.

I went to Baylor Scott and White hospital for a CAT scan and check up.  Everything came out fine, but the trip is so long to get to Temple.  I no longer trust the complete care I can get in my hometown, so I bargained off in going to a larger hospital where I can have a team approach to health care.  I hate it when I drive and try to stay awake.  So I stopped and got a breakfast burrito.

The burrito sustained me until I started home.  All I could think about was Red Lobster and their seafood platter, so you guessed it, I went 30 minutes out of my way home to visit that restaurant.  I ate bread and butter and more than I should have allowed my eating plan.  Being a good wife, I took half of the food home for my husband.  That helped my guilt.

I fought falling asleep all the way home, and was miserable.

The moral to my day’s story:  It is hard to make good, safe decisions when one doesn’t  monitor their sleep and emotional stability.  It had been a long weekend with family being in town.

But tomorrow is another day.  I need to get it started off better and get my energy and courage back.  I know there will be demands waiting for my time and my decisions.  The projects are there waiting.