Freedom from Guilt

I had a pretty good day.  I helped my grandson, Tommy, do some yard work in exchange for some rocks he wanted to get rid of.  I took the rocks (slightly burned from a burn pit) to my yard and circled them around my septic tank.

My husband has been afraid people will run or walk over the tank which is getting old.  He has visions of pulling children out of it, etc.  I don’t know if I don’t have enough sense to worry about it or not, but I agreed to take protective measures just to be safe.  So the rocks went around it, boards will reinforce the top and I bought an eight-foot windmill to put over that.  A few flowers will finish the project.  Luckily, the soil there is rich and has some moisture.

My food choices went pretty well today and I stayed within the limits.  One thing I noticed:  I don’t have a guilt feeling as I look over the possible choices.  I can eat many more things than I would normally if I was watching my calorie intake.  There are many foods I can eat as much as I want, within reason.  Take shrimp, for instance, I can eat a large portion of  boiled shrimp without worry.  Eggs without oils are the same.  I’m researching what to use for dressings that doesn’t have oils.  My coach said some people use Greek fat-free plain yogurt.  I’m not sure about mixing my tuna fish salad with yogurt, but, hey, I’ll give it a try!

I went out to the back patio at about dark to spend some quite time.  My thoughts were racing from some  family issues, and it was hard to settle down.  And then the mosquitoes.  Drat those pesky little things.  I told my husband I would like to build a screened-in shelter so I can sit outside at night.  He suggested we buy something, but the wind plays havoc with temporary shelters.  I will contemplate how to build something that won’t block the view of the valley below and the stars above.

I must think more on this absence of guilt in healthy eating.  And I’m not too good on depriving myself.  So far, so good.