The First Day

Well, I staggered through my first day of healthier living.  I don’t know exactly what to call it.  Diet doesn’t work because that sounds negative and a good way to set myself up for failure.

I had great plans for today.  I had my work schedule already in my mind when I went to sleep last night.  Sadly, when I awoke this morning I was still sleepy and tired from the big day I had yesterday.  I worked outdoors for about six hours in the heat and it drained me.  I wasn’t in the sunlight, but it still took its toll.  So I stayed in bed and watched Dr. Phil.  That is a dangerous thing to do.  One show runs into another show until I am totally guilt ridden.  Tomorrow the TV doesn’t get turned on.  I have more plans.

I haven’t done much food planning so I figured I would eat what I wanted within reason.  It worked out pretty well until my husband and I went out to eat mid afternoon.  I ordered fish with salad and okra.  I was afraid to track my “points” tonight, but did pretty good. I think I kept within my range.

I need to look over more recipes tomorrow to see what variety I can choose.  One day at a time.  I’ll get there.  I did remember a few times today why I am doing this.  The coach says that is a good thing to do.

I’m still staring at that half of an avocado in the refrigerator.  Is it better for it to stay in the shelf or in my stomach?  Midnight will tell.