A New Project

We agreed to buy a travel trailer today.  We are already working on three projects, so what is one more, right?  We are probably out of our minds to do this, but it was such a good deal.

Of course, the ceiling is falling down and the cabinet is sloping backwards, but it has good bones, so to speak.  At least the outer roof has been patched so the interior ceiling can be easily replaced.  It looks like a huge windstorm blew through it as cushions and plywood are strewn about.  And, no, we don’t know if the appliances work, but it was a good deal.

We did go to a RV repair shop and priced replacement parts.  Even if we need to replaces several items, we can still make a profit of it.  Restored vintage trailers seem to be in good demand right now.  I think it may be the Sisters on the Fly thing, women getting away on weekends to share camping and company with other women.  I have considered doing so myself, but haven’t taken the time and convinced my family in the sanity of it.

Our ministry’s mortgage note is coming up very soon, and we need to pay it down some.  The profit on the travel trailer should help out.  This past week I solicited donations without success.  One person was pretty hostile.  I don’t like soliciting for money.  I would much prefer to work for it or turn a profit from our labor.  I feel better about myself when I do.  However, I know God puts it on other’s hearts to support His work, and there is nothing wrong with that.  I’m just timid.

It’s been so hot here.  I went to work at 6:00 pm. tonight so I wouldn’t be in the sun painting.  I got a couple of hours in, and it was cooler.