Whose Plan Is It, Anyway?

This past Sunday I heard a sermon that has caused me to rethink my approach to planning, work, and future directions.  The preacher was saying that we all have things to do, but we need to look to Jesus to see what His plans are for goals, projects, etc.  I knew that God is in control of everything we do, kinda like a Master Plan sort of thing, but I have been busy making plans and then praying to see if He is in agreement,  Of course, if He says no then I rearrange my plans.

So, does He put certain desires in our hearts and lets us work them out?  If so, who is in control?  I agree with the preacher, it would be a lot easier to just check with Him and see what He has already planned.

But that could make us lazy and make us weak in practicing faith?  Hard to say, but it would be less stressful and make us hear Him better.  That’s another topic: how to hear God easily…  Takes a lot of practice and a clean heart.

I guess it is a combination of using our brain and faith by considering all the options, and also being prayerful in guidance of which option to take (or none of the above if He has thoughts we hadn’t considered).  It is our dance with Him.