Weekends at PeePaw’s

Riley came for a visit this weekend.  He comes the first of every month, and it is a busy weekend.  We have a routine: ride the four-wheeler (kid size) around the circular driveway until the battery runs down, play a little basketball, kick around a ball that passes for a soccer ball, then into the house and play with the Magic cars and tracks, eat small snacks continually, and ask/answer a thousand questions.  Riley is six years old.

His Dad comes over and helps with all this busyness until he gets exhausted, and he goes home.  I dutifully sit and watch all Riley’s successes.  The trip around the driveway “fast!”  The basketball that makes the hoop more often than not.  (The kid may be the next great…)  And then I am adamant about the bath and bedtime.  “No, you can’t stay up until midnight.”

That is Friday night’s routine.  Saturday, we load up and head for grandpa’s house a couple of hours away.  That is where I have reinforcements.  My son and his wife, Misty.  Only thing, there are more little young’uns there now.  Two little girls and a little boy about Riley’s age.  Misty loads up two at a time in the four-wheeler (adult size) and does wheelies in the sand.  There are all sorts of whooping and hollering going on (a lot of it from Misty!) under she stops and gives the next two a ride.

Then there is swimming, and breaks for homemade pop-cycles.  And I get to watch all this busyness, and I smile to myself.  I’m so glad I’m too old to be expected to join in with all this fun.

These weekends are memories in the making for all of us, especially the children.  What better time than at PeePaw’s with all the crew.  It’s worth all the effort.