A Grandson Returns Home

My grandson just returned from the Army.  It is so good to have him home again.  He will be with my husband and me for a short time until he gets his house finished.  I drove three hours last night to pick him up a the DFW airport as he came in from from his base in Washington State, and he drove us back home.  It was a good trip except that I forgot what road the airport was on.  Thankfully, he Googled a map and helped get me where I needed to go.

Now, I don’t read very fast going through the terminals, looking for the right gates, and got honked at several times.  Oh well, you would think they had never seen a country bumpkin in big city traffic.  “And peace upon you, too,” I mumbled.

We chatted all the way home, and I was impressed at how the military has helped turn him into a more mature man.  I am proud of him.  He has learned some good life lessons.

I’m also proud of the way he has taken hold today and helped me with supper, a load of laundry, and plans to mow the lawn tomorrow.  I could get used to that quickly!  And his easy smile and wit is contagious.

A new breath of life has come into our home.  And I will appreciate it as long as it lasts.  I know he will establish his own life soon, and my little needs might not be a priority, but I will laugh and enjoy him in the present moment.