The Tree Room

Tomorrow, I’m going to tackle a forgotten room, neglected, dank and slightly scary.  It’s my tree room.  I call it that because there is a tree growing through a glass roof.  Yes, it began as an experiment in creativity, and ended in a place I didn’t want to enter.  The problem began with the “boot” surrounding the tree trunk to keep the rain out of the room below.  That darn thing kept leaking.  It dripped on the items I had stored in the room.  Mildew formed, and smelled.  I kept the door closed.

Today, my worker helper and  finished the shop project, building a privacy fence around the pool equipment, cleaned the back yard, and did some minor landscaping.  It really felt good to finish those chores I had been procrastinating over for a long time.  It was time.  I have built up enough courage to unlock the tree room door and totally clean it out.  I wonder if I need a “hasbad suit”?  I left the room open to the outside air overnight.  If it still is too yucky I will find a mask.

I have armed myself with visions of having iced tea in there with all the windows wide open (with screens on the windows).  Wind chimes, a scented candle, and perhaps inviting my husband to sit a spell with me…  Yes, that gives me the energy to do what I must.  I suspect my biggest challenge will be trying to sterilize and clean some of the things in that room.  I don’t remember what all I had stored in there.  So, if I don’t remember or need those items, I should simple attack the room with a giant contractor’s clean up bag and throw it all out.  My hoarder’s tendency makes me think twice about it.  I must be strong.

I have help coming.  Cliff has agreed to repair the “boot” and seal the room so it will not leak anymore.  I was asked, “Why did you build a glass-ceiling room in the first place?”

I guess it seemed like living outside, and I enjoyed having my plants in there.  And I was wise enough to use a composite material flooring made from crushed pecan shells.  Best money I ever spent for the floors are as strong as when they were installed.

I have often thought cleaning my house and grounds is related to cleaning out my mind.  Too much procrastination and loose stuff floating around in there…