Being a Good Steward

I got my crown molding put up yesterday.  I have been waiting about five years to find someone who was skilled enough to do my small job and not cost me a fortune.    The first part, finding someone skilled enough to do the job, was one of the biggest obstacles.  My living room has different angles, a vaulted ceiling and required someone who knew how to cut and back-cut angles.  He did.  And his name is Cliff.

The price was right also.  I agreed to cut his yard grass for a year in exchange for the work.  I figured out I got a pretty good deal.  I cut the grass about every three weeks for four months out of the year, and I have one of those fancy ZTR mowers.  That’s about five hundred dollars.  It is taking him part of two days to do the job…he gets a good deal, as well.

The crown molding has a history.  I went to a restaurant auction several years ago.  They were selling all contents in one day, including the crown molding and the tapestry off the walls.  I remember having a ladder and ripping the materials down as fast as I could climb that ladder.  The auction team kept yelling, “Everything must be out of the building by 5:00 p.m. or the doors get locked!”  There was no time to load my trailer properly so I picked a empty spot outside the door on the parking lot, and stated throwing my goods out there until after closing.

I tried selling the crown molding in my store but no one wanted to buy all of it as a bulk lot.  It was custom designed, from the finest wood, and was black.  To have broken it up would have meant I would be stuck with some of it.  so I kept it for my own future use.  Glad I did for it looks wonderful on my ceiling.  It is now white.  Part of the deal was that I would have to pain it myself.  That was kinda fun.

I’ve been saving back a lot of building materials, and other such stuff.  It sure has been coming in handy lately as we are doing several jobs around the house.  Most of it have been accomplished with this recycled material.  We built a privacy fence around the pool equipment today, and I figured up that the only investment I will have in it will be labor and some plants (under $100.00).

Exactly what am I getting at with all this rambling?  I’m not sure, but it could be 1) recycle, 2) get high-quality renovations beyond my budget, 3) appreciate skilled labor, 4) barter when your budget is low, and 4) get so much fun out of creating beautiful projects from reclaimed materials.  I cringe when I see people with sledge hammers demolishing cabinets, etc. on these remodeling shows when the materials could be set out to the curb for others to use.

Maybe that is what being a good steward means.