Hot July Days

My, but the weather is hot!  I try to do work in the shade and follow the course of the sun from front yard to back yard.  If there is a breeze, I feel like rejoicing.

The guys must have done a pretty decent job of insulating the metal-built shop as it offers shade and a breeze through the opposite-opening doors  of the building if any breeze is blowing at all.  I start looking forward to the coming of the first of September about this time each year for I know the temperatures usually stay below the three-digit mark at that time.

We’ve almost finished building shelves, sorting out boxes of stuff, and finding homes for all the things I’ve accumulated for the past several years.  How can a person have 15 screwdrivers and not be able to find one when one is needed?  That’s been my experience this last year.  Well, they have their own box now, ready for a label.  I seriously think I will invite my grandsons to come and get what they need pretty soon.  I handed Tommy an old skill saw and drill a couple of days ago.  He has notoriously left  his out in the weeds, etc., and winds up without any.  Maybe he will be more mature with his tools now.

We are slowly working on the other rental project as time allows.  I go by McCoy’s Building Materials when I drive that way and check their cull bins for damaged materials (for 50% off).  I got some barn siding yesterday and five pieces of paneling today.  I will put the paneling in the back of the closet.  Six dollars apiece is pretty good for paneling.

The gravel is still piled up on the driveway waiting for the man who will level it to get to me.  He must have a couple of big jobs going on right now.  I must drive through the field to get to the house.  It must be amusing to see me creep through the high grass and weeds, cautious not to scratch my new (used) pickup.

By the way, I have this beautiful blue-grey “girly” pickup now that is a crew cab, short bed, and a ’07 Honda, but looks new.  And the air conditioned blows oh, so cold.  I don’t mind working in the sun with that pickup!  Lee told me I had to get rid of the old extra vehicles in order for him to help me get the Honda, so I have sold the old green van, and am offering up the ’81 pickup for scrap-metal prices to Andy if he wants to work on the motor…

Back to the topic of fixing up and sorting out my shop area…it kinda represents my life, I think.  I have a tendency to let things stack up until I feel a little overwhelmed.  It is good to clean house and sort through things both physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It’s been that way with prayer.  I do those little moment-by-moment running prayers, but need to set down and have a good talk with God from time to time.  After all, He is my best friend.  A professor once said “communication is the oil of relationships.”  Smart saying.