A New Project

Anyone out there still interested in reading  anything I have to say?  I know I have dropped off the edge of the (internet) world, but I got to a place where my world was more internal than reaching out externally.  Weird thing to say?  Yeah, I just didn’t have anything profound, witty or insightful to say anymore.  But I’ve gotten to missing you and just wanted to give you an update of my present life and happenings right now.

I have three eighteen-wheel semi trucks of gravel ordered for delivery tomorrow.  It’s base grade for the driveway on our new project we’ve started working on recently.  By we, I mean Sasha and me.  Yeah, he’s still working with me.  We finished the last rental project and have a good renter moved in.  We use the proceeds to pay the  mortgage for the ministry we are part of in town.  The new project will be the same purpose (helping run the ministry) but will hopefully bring in more money.

The house had been vacant for some time and was pretty beat up and trashed out, so we are starting from scratch.  New paneling, freshly painted ceilings, rewired electrical, new curb appeal with exterior siding and landscaping.  The beautiful part is that God has been really pouring out His blessings and provisions for us, and especially for this project.  We were just given some used carpet, expensive and well kept.  We will have it installed and shampooed.  A man has volunteered to install and another man will shampoo at a low rate.  The electrician rewired the service box for $50.00, just enough for his gasoline, etc.

I have to smile at the provisions I come across.  My grandson and I were cleaning out a lumber storage shed and found many boards we need for the carpentry repair to the house.  Good boards I didn’t even know I had!  Other lumber, such as siding, I found at half-off because it had small damages from the forklift.  We can adjust and cut around the bad spots, and if we can’t, there is always calk!

I’m trying to decide if the exterior should be beige and white with charcoal shudders and a red door.  Or the same combination with grey as the main color.  We’ll see…

I have been seeking the Lord for the direction of our ministry, and have come to the conclusion it doesn’t make much difference as long as we proclaim Him to be the true god and worthy to be praised for His love and care of us.  And to love and care for others as He does for us.

I’ll pray about staying in touch.  My love and affection channeled from God goes out to you wherever you are.