Strange Foods

I thought I had seen everything before i saw a package of chicken feet at Wall Mart yesterday.  There they were, all cleaned up and wrapped in plastic wrap.  I shuddered at the sight of them placed next to the other meats in the meat department.  I passed on by quickly.

I related this to my friend, Tavita, and she said, “Honey, that’s some of the best chicken broth you can make.  You just boil it up and make things with it.”

“I don’t know,” I replied.  “I’ve been in the chicken yard as a child and saw what those feet were scratching.  I can’t imagine eating them.  Do people just make broth, or dot hey actually eat them?”

“Both, but I cut the toenails off before I boil them.  I don’t like seeing the nails in my pot.  I also take the skin off.”  I could just visualize her stewing those things in a pot.  Ugh!

“Now, how do you ever skin a chicken foot?” I asked incredulously.

“Well, if you have a gas range you singe them, let them cool, and take the skin off with a fork.”

“I can just imagine the smell in my house after doing that!  I’m sorry, I’m afraid I’m not ethnic enough to eat chick feet.”

“I’ll tell you like I tell my kids, you must never have gotten hungry enough…you would have eaten chicken feet!”

She explained this local store must have enough Hispanic and Oriental customers to carry chicken feet.  Both groups cooked with them and used other “undesirable” parts (in my estimation).

I thought back to when I would cook a calf’s tongue, slice it and put it on toasted rye bread.  My children thought I had lost my mind, but it was so good.  That we back when they are cheap.  I can’t afford them now they are so high.

I guess it stands to reason to not waste any portion of food.  And that different people groups have their own idea of acceptability.  But I explained to my friend that I would rather t boil some rocks and throw in some grass clippings.