Being a Warrior

I thought I would add a new update on our new project, the mobile home to be used for mortgage payments on our ministry buildings.  My friend and I have cut holes in the floors and repaired the sagging water-damaged former holes.  We seem to be patching around other old patches.  The mobile home industry really made a mistake when they used compressed wood as subfloors as they would sag and fall through when gotten wet several times.  I remember a neighbor’s house that had compressed cardboard floors.  Once wet, they were impossible to repair.  What would you nail to?

We are busy changing the wallpaper in the kitchen, and putting down new floor tile there.  This afternoon late, I hired a neighbor man to rake the leaves outside and clean out the flower beds.  The old pig’s ear is slowly becoming a silk purse.  The most desirable part of the property is the property surroundings.  There are shade trees everywhere, and lots of grass.  It overlooks a valley below.  It is private and quite.   It is quaint.  Hopefully, renters will be moving to the country for the peace and tranquility, not as a way to hide from troubles.  I’ve had experience with both kinds of people.

Presently, I looking for a little peace in my personal life.  I believe women should have support positions, binding up the wounds of her family, nurturing their souls, and creating places of rest for their lives.  Not being warriors.  Lately, I have turned into a warrior, trying to bring justice to family situations around me.  Both sets of grandchildren have turmoil in their lives, one set actually living in a foster home right now.  (My son is actively pursuing getting them into his home temporarily, which is  a good place.)  I don’t like being a warrior, but there is very little other options at times.  A preacher friend of mine said my husband should be doing the things I am forced to do, but that is kinda funny.  He would most likely show up with his gun in his pocket “and blow them away…”  (He does have a registered gun permit, but is short on negotiating skills.)

The best approach I have found it to pray about the situation and what He wants to happen, watch my mouth and words carefully, and try to act in love and consideration to all.  That is hard when others are venting their frustration and rage into the air around them.  My son is feeling the stress as well.  He told me the other day, he went out on the porch at night and looked for a full moon, for he thought the whole world was going crazy!

I find it hard to describe the situations as I don’t want to give power to them, or to complain or whimper.  I just want to duck my head and weather the storms as they play out.  Even as a woman I know God will use anyone who is brave, conscientious, and follows His directions.  And try to be peacemakers, which doesn’t always means to avoid justice when it is uncomfortable.