A Stressful Time

Another crew is coming tomorrow to build a kitchen inside our teenage outreach building.  A local lumber yard gave us material last week to do one project and are coming tomorrow to give labor to work on the kitchen.  We are doubly blessed for such outpouring of generosity.  As soon as I catch up some of all the work involved in planning these projects, I will be more faithful in writing my blog.  I miss doing it, but am so tired at night I can scarcely move.

I just about had a meltdown today from all the stress.  I can handle a lot, but this past week my grandchildren were placed in foster care for a short while.  I tried to get them, but our home has an indoor pool and the CPS worker said it was too great a risk for the little girls.  Another family member tried to get them, but something else stopped him, even though his family would have been perfect.  Sometimes going by the rules can cause injustice by itself.  Hopefully, it will be worked out soon.  It has made an emotional wreck out of me, but I’m trying to cope.

I just keep remembering that Jesus cares for those little girls even more than I, and will work the situation out for the better.  That gets me through the days.

Please pray for us that God’s will be done, and we see His mighty hand at work.