Being a Warrior

I thought I would add a new update on our new project, the mobile home to be used for mortgage payments on our ministry buildings.  My friend and I have cut holes in the floors and repaired the sagging water-damaged former holes.  We seem to be patching around other old patches.  The mobile home industry […]

A New Project

I started another project today.  I’ve had a mobile home that has set empty for several months.  The last renter didn’t report water damage to the floors, and they got soft and weak.  Then she moved out, citing the house in poor condition.  I just haven’t felt like repairing the floors, and didn’t want to […]

A Stressful Time

Another crew is coming tomorrow to build a kitchen inside our teenage outreach building.  A local lumber yard gave us material last week to do one project and are coming tomorrow to give labor to work on the kitchen.  We are doubly blessed for such outpouring of generosity.  As soon as I catch up some […]

Mowing Season Begins

Spring is here and the grass is growing like crazy.  I’ve mowed five yards this week.  Did I say “mowed?”  It was more like bailing hay.  There have been two big rains storms recently, and the grass started growing like it was on steroids!  Much of it wasn’t the short yard-type grass, but the field […]