No, I haven’t run away and joined a circus, or gone into the mountains as a recluse.  I’ve been very, very busy.  Tomorrow is the day one crew comes to renovate the open-air venue.  The next weekend another crew will come to build a kitchen in our teen outreach center.  I’ve been busy getting supplies, permits, etc.  A director and I have leveled the house during two different days.  I am finding muscles I haven’t heard from in several years.  Thank God for an indoor swimming pool.  My husband likes to keep it fairly warm. My muscles sure appreciate the warm water.

My sister and I have planned a lunch for the hungry men that show up to work.  Brisket, potato salad and baked beans.  Yumm….  She also thought it would be neat to make a banana pudding.  My idea was to buy a package of chocolate-chip cookies.  She won, much to my delight.

It should be interesting tomorrow when the men find out that a woman planned the job and procured the materials.  I’m sure one or more of them will have different ideas of how something should be built.  But, sorry, you want to build it a different way, you will need to go buy more materials.  There was nobody else to draw the blueprint and do all the legwork, so I did it to the best of my knowledge, and to the satisfaction of the code officials.  I am fortunate I have had building experience.  I smile when I think how the Lord uses all our past experiences to get a current job done.

I picked up the materials at the lumber yard in my old yellow ’85 Chevrolet (that all the young men love) and brought them home overnight.  I have to be careful pulling a 16 foot trailer so that I don’t run over curbs.  Then I started loading tools from home.  I used my husband’s wheelchair to help me carry table saws, stands, etc. that were too heavy for me to carry by myself.  Where there is a will there is a way…

Now to set the alarm clock for an early hour.  Those carpenter-type men like to start early while the temperature is still cool.  Personally, I prefer to stay in bed and brave the heat later in the day, but I must accommodate the crew.  I’m looking forward to an exciting project.  Changing a run-down old house into something unique and quaint.  Those are the words one uses when it isn’t perfectly restored, but looks good anyway.  Very comfortable.