Leveling A House

It looks like I am still not catching up on my writings.  I am so tired  don’t know what to do.  One of our directors and  I partially leveled a house yesterday.  There was supposed to be another able bodied man but he didn’t show up.  Therefore, two not-so-young people went to work putting up a string to gauge what the actual level the house should be, and then proceeded to dig holes and place 14x16x16 blocks as a new foundation.  We dug a large hole for a corner support/pier and dumped five sacks of cement in it with rebar for strength.

I would dig a little while and then give the shovel to him, and then we would repeat the process.  I thought I might fall in the hole, but it wasn’t deep enough to bury me…  (That would be one way of ending the misery.)  We were quite the pair of workers.  I can’t stand very long, and he can’t bend over for very long.  We were still looking at a trailer that had several more cement blocks and fifteen sacks of cement (the 80 lb. size).  My grandson called to borrow my truck and trailer.  I told him he could, but would he be willing to help us unload it?  Yes, he would do it.  At that point I really believe the Lord had mercy on us by sending him to us.

Now, why in the world are we leveling a house?  The answer is money–the lack of it.  The crew is coming Saturday, and they will have a full day without having to be concerned about the foundation work.

At least we laughed and joked a lot.  That made the day go better.  I was wondering if that poor old house was going to fall down around us.  So much of the bottom boards were rotten—(foundation beams were still strong).  Talking about making a silk purse out of a pig’s ear, I was wondering what kind of miracle it would take to convert this one.  I’m taking before and after pictures to document the expected miracle.

Maybe we can get the local newspaper to follow our progress.  The advertisement as well as an example of historical preservation would be welcome.  The foundation has square nails in it, which means the house was built sometime before 1900, probably around 1880.

I have been astonished, and grateful, at how the local businesses have been supporting us.  The lumber, metal roofing, material and other items have been donated.  They understand we are helping teenagers and at-risk people with this ministry and property.  My heart has been overflowing with their generosity and cheerful attitude in helping.  They are seem genuinely excited to share.  It really speaks well for our community.  Who wouldn’t want to live here?  It is home.

Tomorrow we finish the leveling.  It is raining tonight, so the ground will be soft.  Hopefully, it will not make the soil too muddy.  It’s hard to dig in extra wet soil.  But the Lord will give us strength and patience.