Taking Stock

I apologize for not writing in my blog for the last few days.  I have been working very hard in light of my physical strength, and have not had the energy to do anything but come home and fall into my chair.  A couple of nights I dozed off and woke about 3:00 am with the lights (and my glasses) still on, no medicine taken, and staggered around getting ready for bed.  You would think I would stop the “torture” and go be an old person.  But, no, I love the concept of what I’m doing, and believe my strength will somewhat catch up with my dreams.

We are preparing for two crews to come in on April 1, offering free labor, to help get this non-profit endeavor up and going better.  We are building a kitchen/snack bar in the teen retreat building, and adding a porch on the open-air theater type house.  My job has been to draw the blueprints, submit them to the city code department for permits, and get all the supplies ready for when the crews arrive.  I must get agreement from the other directors, which is tedious at worst, helpful at best.

After an argument with my husband who wants me to drop everything and come home and pamper him, I went to my back patio (overlooking the valley below) and asked God about it.  I believe He said to rest in Him and to get back into my joy.  Good plan.  But first I want to sulk and be mad for a few more minutes.  So I leaned back and worked on it, the breeze blowing across my face and body, the sun shining through the bouncing shade of the tree leaves overhead.  When I got my emotions in check, I realized He was right.  I counted my blessings, and thanked Him for all the might works He has done in our favor.  Then I looked for joy.  That seemed to come after I laid down my frustration and anger.  Yes, I can have joy also.

Now, to get back to work this afternoon, and be pleasant and beneficial with the work we will be doing.  To be in His will is reward enough for my soul.