Poor Manager or Scammer?

My husband came in today with his feathers all ruffled (a term my sister who raises chickens uses).  He volunteers at a food and clothing pantry in town and he described a couple that came in and dated their application for food as Feb. 27.  It obviously is March 3rd.  I asked what the difference in the date would get them.  He answered that if they got food today as Feb. food they could come back in tomorrow and get March’s allotment.  Hmmm…  He goes on to say the couple loaded the food and clothing into a new Cadillac Acclaim with the dealer’s tags still on it.

“Were they ashamed of themselves,” I asked?

“Didn’t appear to be,” he answered.  “The man was upfront with the fact their income refund check just came in, and with the payments being such and such, they wouldn’t have enough to buy food.”

The panty manager made them change the date on the application, but my husband wanted to see them barred from the program, because of their attempted falsehood.  I said I would have been tempted to say I was sorry they would be without food, but it would be due to poor management.  Of course, many people are in tight places because they’re poor managers, such as everyone going out for pizza when they get their Social Security (I) check at the first of the month and visit the food bank at the end of the month.  But most managers don’t make judgement calls about purchases if the overall figures qualify them for help.  And there are budgeting classes available at most of these places.

However, my husband is right.  I don’t know what this pantry personnel will do, but it would be feasible to check their background and see if they are repeat scammers working the system.

He is shocked at how a couple would do such a thing and drive a new car most people can’t afford.  It’s all about choices.  I am shocked at times at how degraded a person can allow their character to fall when I hear them curse, hate, and degrade others.  The loss of self-respect is unfathomable to me.  I treasure my purity of heart, my relationships with my friends and God, my security in facing death without qualms or sorrow of a life poorly used.

But I still need to love others and see them as God sees them.  Not perfect, but still worthy of love as a human being, His creation.