A Good Day

Yesterday, I told about an old friend visiting.  We both slept late this morning, got dressed, and made breakfast. Good biscuits, bacon, yard eggs and tomatoes, and good conversation as my husband joined us from his work..  yumm…

There were chores I had to do this afternoon, and she rode along with me.  It reminded me of years ago when we worked on the same job.  I had learned a lot about a good attitude from her back then.  When someone would ask her to do something, instead of grumbling inwardly as I might have done, she was always positive, and eager to accommodate.  She is still the same way.  I have learned that work and team spirit goes so much better with this attitude.

We got back to my house, rested a bit, then started cooking.  She made some homemade banana-nut bread, and I made jalapeno poppers.  This recipe is taking a jalapeno pepper, cut it in half, take the seeds out, fill the cavity with cream cheese, and wrap with bacon.  Hold the bacon in place with a toothpick, then bake.  Yumm…

I was amused with my friend.  She really gets into her cooking, and she had white flour trailing down the front of a black tank top.  By the time I got the camera out, she had cleaned away the evidence.

We wound up the day by getting into the heated indoor pool.  Ummm…  Now, that is fine living.

It is wonderful to have old friends.  If you have one, call them and plan some time together.  Life needs these little pockets of enjoyment.