No, I haven’t run away and joined a circus, or gone into the mountains as a recluse.  I’ve been very, very busy.  Tomorrow is the day one crew comes to renovate the open-air venue.  The next weekend another crew will come to build a kitchen in our teen outreach center.  I’ve been busy getting supplies, […]

Leveling A House

It looks like I am still not catching up on my writings.  I am so tired  don’t know what to do.  One of our directors and  I partially leveled a house yesterday.  There was supposed to be another able bodied man but he didn’t show up.  Therefore, two not-so-young people went to work putting up […]

Taking Stock

I apologize for not writing in my blog for the last few days.  I have been working very hard in light of my physical strength, and have not had the energy to do anything but come home and fall into my chair.  A couple of nights I dozed off and woke about 3:00 am with […]


I’m trying to get the preparation work done in time so two crews can come in on one weekend and do two carpenter projects.  That means two city building permits, purchase supplies for the jobs, and get tools together.  Getting the materials and tools together is something I can handle.  Getting all the requirements for […]

Booger Red

I was reminiscing with a friend and she asked, “Do you remember Booger Red and the fishing shack he had down on the river?”  Of course, I did.  Those weekends were some of the most peaceful and enjoyable times I have ever spent. I had just gotten a divorcee and my son and I were […]

Sorting Through Things

I finally got enough nerve to finish up the shop area.  We had started on it over two years ago.  My husband hired a man who said he knew carpentry.  The man had some pressing needs so my husband paid him part way through (without asking for my opinion).  Well, the man went as far […]

Getting Ready

I bought a garden tiller today.  I have already planted my 1015 onion slips, and am watching them grow.  It isn’t time for the bell pepper, tomatoes, and Fooled-You jalapenos yet (my regular plantings), but I am watching the calendar.  I don’t dare plant the more sensitive plants before Easter, for everyone know there is […]

A Generous Heart

I stopped by my sister’s house late this afternoon.  When I walked in the door, the tantalizing smell of a pot roast cooking met me full force.  Oh my gosh, it’s dinnertime and I’m an unexpected guest, I thought, how am going to have the strength to deal with this?  My sister is famous for […]

Favored Of God

I read in the Bible of men and women favored by God, and wonder what that would mean in the present-day sense.  The people I read about were Noah, Abraham, Caleb, Joseph, Mary, Ruth, Esther, and others.  When I examined what was mentioned about their lives, some common character traits came to light.  They were […]

Abusive Relationships

Spousal abuse can be complicated, and is no fun.  According to a friend, it sucks the joy out of life, one comment at a time.  She isn’t physically abused, but is met with a, if not continuous barrage of negative words, then a roller coaster  of emotional ups and downs of complaints and accusations from […]

Choosing Paint Colors

I took some color samples to our board meeting this afternoon.  Our open-air venue house, opened up in the back with a 20 foot opening for a stage area, is ready for paint colors to be chosen.  I had checked pictures on the internet for clues of how to pain a Victorian house, and had […]

The Right Attitude

As I go about fund raising for the open-air venue to be created by renovating an old dilapidated Victorian house, each step of the way is being achieved almost miraculously as material and labor comes in daily.  If I had not had so many closed doors and near failures in the past, I would be […]