Old Friends

Joy can come in contacts from the past.  Today, I spoke with two of my best friends from years gone by.  Both by telephone calls.  And that was the hitch.  I just got a new phone and didn’t know how to answer the ring.  I got busy looking through the instructions of how to do that.  I always thought I should just push the little green circle with the picture of the telephone receiver in the middle.  Not so.  And I couldn’t find in the instructions how to do it.  I guess the writers of the manual never dreamed anyone would have trouble figuring out how to answer the telephone!  Anyway, I called my friends back.

I’m always amazed at how time seems to have stopped from one time to another when we talk.  Invariably, we begin by laughing and talking, and recounting silly little things in our lives.  Of course, mine was that I couldn’t seem to answer the new smart phone I just purchased.  She responded that another one of her friends still had one of those flip-top phones, can you imagine?  Yes, that was my old one…

As I talked to them, I was aware of how much I loved them.  Age and distance had simply enriched our relationships.  I have a third friend I talk with frequently, but must just be there for her as she is having some difficulties.  I have found that friendship sometimes means listening and supporting without giving advise or judgements.

All of us have one thing in common these days.  Where we once deeply desired a soulmate, we seem to have gotten past that to some extent, and are living life doing the things that are extensions of ourselves.  Our work.  Our families.  Our pursuit of holiness.  I have locked those early desires off in a little room in my heart as being almost a myth.  Do soulmates really exist?  Occasionally, I see a couple who are deeply in love after many years, but it is the exception.  I can’t live my life chasing after illusive feelings and desires.  Right now God is my love, my companion.

Second best thing?  Friends from the past who know you and still lovey you after all these years.  Yes, it is joyful, and fills my life.