Getting Lost

I went back to the doctor today.  I’ve been feeling tired and very weak.  I couldn’t pinpoint what was troubling me except for the symptoms I’ve already mentioned. I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, so I made the five hour round trip by myself.  To keep myself alert, I played some mind games about how I would remodel a building.  Now, if I could actually find some money to do the project, the first stages will have been done.

It was a good thing I got there early because I couldn’t find the building.  I called and asked the receptionist.  She insisted on me driving as I followed her directions.  I told her I thought that was illegal but my complaint fell on deaf ears.  I finally gave up on her when I got lost, and found it myself tucked away on a residential street.  I wondered if the hospital ran out of room and started buying property wherever they could find it close to the hospital.

Wherever I went to any new test or doctor I had to pull off my clothes and put on a hospital gown.  I thought I might remind myself to wear a gown with a zipper down the front the next time I went there. It would save time and my hair style.

On the way home, I fell to temptation and decided to go out of my way to eat at Red Lobster.  We don’t have one locally.  It was delicious but it was too much food.  I boxed it up and went about finding my way home from a strange town.    I got lost again.  I called my son and my husband for directions.  Of course, I didn’t have a map or a phone that would get directions.  And of course, neither one answered my call, so I sat there by the side of the road as it was getting dark.  I could see the newspaper headlines, “Woman’s car found empty by the side of the highway.”  Oh shut up imagination…where are you when I try to write blogs when I can’t find anything to say?

My husband finally called, “Were you trying to get in touch with me?”

“Yes, please help me find my way home,” I answered gratefully.  He gave me instructions quickly as I was near where he once served in the Army.  It was dark when I got home.  And I didn’t run into any deer jumping across the roadway.  He had the porch light on for me.

My day puts me in mind of how we get so busy with life, and sometimes we get lost.  Our heavenly Father gives us directions of how to get home.  And His light welcomes us back.