The Versatile Chicken

I bought a 10 pound bag of chicken leg quarters today.  That was more than I wanted, but I priced one bag half that size and it was the same price.  My bag cost about sixty cents a pound.  You can’t hardly beat that.  Beef is about two dollars a pound for a five pound tube, and nutritionists say chicken is better for you, at least lower calories and fat if you pull off the skin.  I planned to give my neighbor the chicken I didn’t need, so that makes it even more of a bargain.  I buy the amount I wanted, and two families enjoy it.

On my way home from the store I thought of the ways I could prepare it.  Boiling it keeps us away from eating the grease we don’t need in fried chicken.  Besides a big pot of chicken boiled down to a broth is the beginning of some super dishes.  I thought about making chicken dumplings, but remembered how the canned biscuits I used last time fell to mush when I stirred them in the hot broth.  No, if I do dumplings, I’m going to use an old-fashioned recipe you make from scratch.

I have the ingredients for Chicken a la King, Chicken Tetrazini, Chicken and Rice, and Chicken Soup.  And then there are quick finger foods like chicken salad sandwiches and chicken tortillas with avocado, tomatoes and sour creme.  I’m glad I have plenty of chicken; I can do two or more of these dishes.

Different nationalities have their own favorite seasoning.  The Italians like cheese sauces, chicken or mushroom soup over pasta with chicken.  The Hispanics like sauteed bell peppers (or any pepper), onions, and tomatoes as a stock for their stove-top chicken.  Southern country folks like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and okra.

Chicken and rabbits are favorites in majority-world countries where there are no refrigeration, or not enough money to raise larger animals, butcher them and have a freezer to keep the meat.  Chickens have by-products: eggs that can be eaten without loosing the hen.  Rabbits are known for prolific breading.  They eat leftovers from the table or nearby restaurants.  Both don’t take much space to raise or time between gestation periods of reproducing.

There are some foods that are good for us and are economically feasible, and God has made them available to most people around the globe.  I am grateful.