Remaining Silent

Keeping my mouth shut hasn’t always been my greatest skill.  If the situation arises, it feels so good to just say what I think.  But in retrospect, the consequences haven’t always been desirable.  Today was one of those days when it was best to chose a plan of action based on keeping good relationships and […]

Old Friends

Joy can come in contacts from the past.  Today, I spoke with two of my best friends from years gone by.  Both by telephone calls.  And that was the hitch.  I just got a new phone and didn’t know how to answer the ring.  I got busy looking through the instructions of how to do […]

The Peacemakers

I wasn’t born a peacemaker.  I believe in standing up for my rights and letting the chips fall where they may.  But as my age advances, I have learned to chose my battles, and most of them aren’t worth getting too upset over.  At least not to the extent that I leave debris laying around […]

One Of Those Days

There are those days when a person just shouldn’t have gotten out of bed.  Today was one of those days for me.  It started out with me starting late on a two hour trip to a hospital clinic where I had an appointment.  I saw a roadside sign that said,”Prepare to slow down ahead.”  I […]

Habits That Stick

I was talking with a friend yesterday.  She said she was visiting a friend in San Antonio this weekend, and she was washing clothes and cleaning house before she went.  It rang a bell with me, and I probed a little into why she was doing it. “I have this thing where I feel like […]

Getting Lost

I went back to the doctor today.  I’ve been feeling tired and very weak.  I couldn’t pinpoint what was troubling me except for the symptoms I’ve already mentioned. I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, so I made the five hour round trip by myself.  To keep myself alert, I played some mind games […]

Black Mold

“My nurse said she was going to report me if I didn’t get the pool room free of mildew,” my husband declared. “What?  Mildew?  I didn’t know there was mildew in there,” I answered.  I knew the dehumidified wasn’t working properly, because I had noticed a lot of steam on the windows and walls.  But […]