Far-Reaching Choices

My sisters and I went to a birthday party Saturday.  My uncle turned 90 years old, and he is a favorite with us.  Throughout the years he has been fun loving, always laughing, kind, and attentive.  He is also the family history keeper.  He can tell you when his parents moved from this farm to […]

The Coldest Night

I got a slow start on the day this morning.  I had been working late for the past three nights.  Being considered the proverbially night owl, I get some of my best work done after everyone else has stopped for the night.  No phone calls, no one wanting my attention, and it’s too dark to […]

Growing Up Time

“Honey, come look,” my husband said with a bright look in his eyes.  Curious, I followed his into a back room.  Just outside the window were five deer eating corn off the ground.  He grinned broadly, and I knew he was satisfied with his new project, feeding the deer.  He had purchased a sack of […]

“That is Peace”

I started a new job–one I have been researching and learning about for the past month.  The job is as Director of Development at our non-profit.  It basically is fundraising and networking to keep our name before the public.  I started out making a grant proposals template to make it easier for me to solicit […]

Lazy Cats and Fat Mice

We have been invaded with mice.  There’s nothing I dislike more than seeing a mouse dart across the top of my cook stove and disappear into the back vent holes.  So I put out mousetraps between the stove and the cabinet. If I dislike seeing them, I also dislike taking them out of the trap, […]