Changing Communications

Communication has been in different forms and speeds since the birth of this country.  There was the stagecoach, delivering mail in a week or two.  A person couldn’t be in a great hurry for a response with this kind of delivery.  Wars were over before newspapers finally got across the country.  Messages traveled more rapidly with the telegraph, but a person couldn’t write long descriptive sentences with it.  Then came the telephone with its multi-person use of a line.  Lots of information spread across a community without permission, sometimes with embarrassing results.

Today, various ways exist to communicate with others, all within a few seconds.  One of my favorites is Skype.  I can be doing a multitude of tasks when I see that my friend in Utah is writing me.  I respond quickly and keep doing other things while we “talk” back and forth like we are living in the same house.  Email is good, but it doesn’t have the spontaneity and quick response that Skype has.  The telephone sends pictures and does so many other things.  It is amazing how many things that little rectangle can do.   It is an office, a messenger, a calculator, a weather report, a telephone directory, the list goes on and on.  We can announce our thoughts and opinions to the world on Twitter.

Is Skyping better today than the letter by stagecoach many years ago?  I don’t know.  Both have their good points and their drawbacks.  We can be too busy now, and not have time to develop deep  relationships.  Where anticipation was a valuable element in communication and in making plans with the stagecoach when a letter was treasured, we now live in an age of instant gratification.

I wonder what God thinks about our chatter and our multiple conversations going on with multiple people? I know He makes the best out of everything we come up with.  Cultural changes don’t faze Him; He just meets us in them.  There are lots of new ways to spread His good news.  And lots of ways to devolve quickly into destructive paths.  It is good we have the Holy Spirit keeping it all sorted out and giving us directions through the organized chaos of the world where we live.