Being Humble To Be Great

“Who is the greatest of us all?”  This question was put to Jesus. (Matthew 18:1) Can you imagine the preconceived ideas:  the Pharisees, the Sadducee, or the smartest, most articulate disciple in the group, maybe even Elijah or John the Baptist.  Can’t you just see the look on the disciples faces when Jesus turned to a little child, and said, “This would be the one.”  Gee, if that is accurate, then about anyone can get into heaven.  But that brings us to  a word many have great trouble dealing with: humility.  It means you can’t do it yourself.  A child doesn’t have claim to any great works or importance.  The only thing he or she can do is trust in the parents.  And parents that love bring all good and necessary things into the child’s life.

The world’s way of looking at greatness is who has the most material things, or education, or power. Many children are almost in the throw-away category.  Jesus talks about that too in that scripture passage.  We’re not to idolize children, but to learn from their simplicity.  We are also wise to know how much God cherishes children.  (We were once young and can relate.)

Being humble doesn’t mean we cannot prosper and achieve great feats.  We just need to remember it was by the parent’s hand that we succeeded.  By recognizing His  generosity and love, we have been put in a position where we can give back to others.  That’s the life cycle.

We have someone we can watch to see if they are learning this lesson.  Donald Trump showed a lot of arrogance, but he’s President now, and he must see to even the smallest child or citizen to be  a great man in this land.  Seems he is doing okay for far.  Prayer will help.