Coincidence or the Hand of God?

Extraordinary and parallel things happen often in my life.  On the surface they can be explained as a fluke or coincidence, but if a person studies the mathematics of such a thing happening, the odds go up when it happens regularly or a theme emerges.  Now, what in the world am I talking about, you wonder, using such vague words?  I’ll get more specific.

Last Sunday as I was walking into church, I prayed that God would give me some knowledge that would help me in the issues I am currently dealing with.  The sermon was on two scriptures, both showing how we need to totally commit ourselves to “love the Lord with all our hearts, minds, and souls,” one passage from the Old Testament, and one from the New Testament.  The sermon helped me do a check on my inner spiritual condition, and I left uplifted.

Yesterday, I opened the online devotional I get from the college I graduated from.  There were those same two scriptures with the same message, but going a little further with instructions I could use in my present work.  Now, I had asked for knowledge, and I got it.  Coincidence or the answer from God?

It happened again today as I was talking to my son, and he quoted a scripture about something we both are researching.  Tonight, there was that scripture again in my nightly Bible reading.  Coincidence again?  I find when I get repeats of a scripture of knowledge, it usually means God is saying, “Listen up!  This is meant for you specifically.”

If a person is having trouble believing in God, or thinks He isn’t interested in our daily issues, those occurrences would be explained away by various reasonings.  After all, it is a little crazy to think some lofty being is communicating with us from another plane or universe.  But to those of us who have met Him in our spirits, having an ongoing conversation or interchange with Him is the same as talking with a friend, just in slightly different ways.  The difference of not having proof is the meaning of faith.

Update 1-17-2017:  A couple of days after I got the scriptures in church and later in the online devotional, I got a third “answer” from God.  I had been praying for Him to reveal to me anything that would keep me from quenching the Holy Spirit in my life.  The devotional has suggested about doing just that, so I continued seeking.  Then I received an email from a pastor friend that gives little insights to his followers. He listed 17 statements of how a person could know they are walking closely with Him.  There I had my assessment sheet!  There were two places I found I could do more work on.  I was excited that I asked God for knowledge on Sunday, and by Wednesday He had confirmed and answered me.  I greatly love this Christian life!