“That is Peace”

I started a new job–one I have been researching and learning about for the past month.  The job is as Director of Development at our non-profit.  It basically is fundraising and networking to keep our name before the public.  I started out making a grant proposals template to make it easier for me to solicit funds from entities with charity funds available.  Going through the steps in learning how to write grant proposals was good for me.  I was forced to refine and focus our vision, our plans, our target clients, and explain how we are going to do it.

Trouble is, I didn’t have the rest of the Board there with me guiding me through this process and these decisions.  When I would ask a member what they thought about something, they replied that we would go over it all in a board meeting.  So the board meeting came, and I presented an overview of what I had done.  This didn’t leave time for some of them to assess this information all at once, so I got several negative comments.  It hasn’t been easy on any of us.

I went to the Lord about how to deal with these people and their comments.  He told me to be patient with them.  I am reminded of a poster I saw with a buzzard sitting on a fence post with a vicious look on his face.  He muttered, “Patience, hell, I’m going out and killing something!”  That poster made me laugh at the prospect of waiting.

I have thought about how to relate to others when stress is high and tempers are being held in check.  The Prince of Peace gives us the answer: peace in our relationships.  If I stop and examine what each person is concerned about, and address that concern for the good of everyone, that is peace.  If I use soothing language the person likes to hear without compromising my position, that is peace.  When I listen and look for the value in the person before me, that is peace.  When I remember we are a team and not adversaries, that is peace.

That means I must act purposefully to bring this peace, not react to my emotions as they demand.  I will have help doing it; the Holy Spirit likes this sort of thing.

I think my job is about bringing movement to an organization.  It’s not where it needs to be yet, but each step forward, each contact made, each person prepared for brings us closer to gaining momentum and being a power for good.