Lazy Cats and Fat Mice

We have been invaded with mice.  There’s nothing I dislike more than seeing a mouse dart across the top of my cook stove and disappear into the back vent holes.  So I put out mousetraps between the stove and the cabinet. If I dislike seeing them, I also dislike taking them out of the trap, dead of course.  There’s a knack to doing it.  I grasp their tail with a paper towel, relieve them from the trap and make a trip some distance from the house before I dispose of them.  Then I come back to the house and wash my hands thoroughly, even though I didn’t actually touch them.

I must confess I play the squeamish female with my husband to get him to take them out for me.  He usually falls for it.  There is a woman that helps me with housework at times, and she definitely will not go near them.  My husband does the rescue work then.  I think it makes him feel like the protector of the family, and that’s okay with me.

There are two reasons we are having mice right now.  First, the weather has turned cold, and most everyone in the county must deal with them.  My grandson uses a live trap, and then throws them in a pit.  They probably beat him back into the house, however.  My philosophy is a dead mouse cannot return.

The second reason is that I have a cat who loves to bring me his trophies.  But first, he likes to throw them up into the air and plays catch with them.  And many times they get away, and have babies.  Now, it may be he looses them because he gets startled when I start yelling at him for bringing them into the house.  (We have a pet door.)

So this past week my husband and I have been catching these mice while our two cats lay around and eat cat food.  There is something wrong with that, in my opinion.  The cats need to start paying room and board or get up off their lazy bones and do their job.  Or maybe I should quit feeding them for awhile.  But then they would drive me crazy begging for food.  It’s a no-win situation.

I’ve thought about how these mice are like little problems we let scurry around in our lives.  They stay hidden for the most part, covered by our pretensions and our Sunday attire.  We’re too civilized to let our faults show very blatantly.  We also do a trade-off, “I won’t notice your fallacies, if you don’t notice mine.”

I’ve scrubbed down the cook stove and the kitchen cabinet.  Hopefully, the mice are gone.  If we allow God to clean our lives from those pesky little sins, we won’t have to clean up our mistakes so often.  And that will be nice.  We might even have some better talks with Him then.