Teen Mental Health

I went to a seminar today on learning the warning signs of teenagers experiencing mental health problems.  It was interesting that the facilitators pointed out some teen behavior is normal as they deal with hormones, peer pressure, forming their own identities apart from their family’s, etc.  I agree.  Some of them seem to be visitors […]

Gideon’s Signs

We’ve been studying the life of Gideon at church for the past few Sundays.  I find I have a lot in common with Gideon.  He was the least family member of the weakest clan in Manasseh–no great claim to fame or power.  But God saw him according to his call, the great warrior he had […]

My Husband’s Emergency

“Where are you?  Why aren’t you here?  I need help!”  My husband was calling from his hospital room where he was recovering from surgery.  Usually these words would light a fire under me, and I would dash out of the house immediately.  But I have found his emergencies may not always be my emergency.  I […]

Changing Communications

Communication has been in different forms and speeds since the birth of this country.  There was the stagecoach, delivering mail in a week or two.  A person couldn’t be in a great hurry for a response with this kind of delivery.  Wars were over before newspapers finally got across the country.  Messages traveled more rapidly […]

Dealing With People

There are days when I just want to make the best decision I know how make, and not have to deal with others opinions.  I’m talking about working with committees.  Everyone has their own ideas of how something should work, and not all agree.  I know there is wisdom in hearing from varying points of […]


Strongholds are invisible barriers to successful living.  It’s like almost realizing success and something causes us to fall short of our goal.  It can be anything a person tries to do and fails repeatedly over a period of time.  It’s like hitting a wall, and not being able to go around it. I have a […]

The Proper Perspective

Recently, I spoke with the editor of a newspaper, and asked him if his paper would be interested in a guest column.  If all went well, perhaps he might consider publishing more of my work.  I found myself unexpectedly surprised when he said, yes, they might be: send in some things and let him read […]

Learning to Work

We’re still tearing down the house in town, cutting up the roof in sections with a reciprocating saw so they can be loaded on a trailer and taken to the landfill.  In a town where many young people grumble about not being able to find jobs, it is difficult to find anyone to work.  Go […]

Being Humble To Be Great

“Who is the greatest of us all?”  This question was put to Jesus. (Matthew 18:1) Can you imagine the preconceived ideas:  the Pharisees, the Sadducee, or the smartest, most articulate disciple in the group, maybe even Elijah or John the Baptist.  Can’t you just see the look on the disciples faces when Jesus turned to […]

Social and Emotional Skills

I read a phrase the other day that caught my attention.  “Social and emotional skills in the workplace.”  I could understand where they were going with the social skills.  It is good to look a person in the eyes, smile, and shake their hand, if appropriate.  That makes a good impression, and signals that a […]

Acts of Love

I have learned the things that make me the most contented.  Little things like compliments and affirmations of a job well done make my day and inspire me to do even better.  Because I am sensitive to this about myself, I find I notice other people’s positive assets and try to affirm them as well.  […]