Robbing The Cat

My husband gave me some money the other day and said, “This is your cat’s Christmas present.  Go have him fixed.”  Some gift, huh, Tuck?  That just seems wrong, somehow. My husband checked back with me recently, and asked me when I was having it done.  I didn’t have the courage to tell him I […]

Weatherizing In A Panic

I think there must be two categories of people in this world.  The schedulers and the procrastinators.  As much as I try, I think I must belong to the procrastinators.  I make my lists and write down my appointments (on scraps of paper that I misplace).  I’m getting better.  At one time I would have […]

Dark Thoughts

I usually enjoy reading the Dear Abbey column, but I was dismayed when I read a recent request from a woman asking if it was okay for her to fantasize about another woman when she made love with her husband.  The author of Dear Abbey said to go ahead, “sexual fantasies are normal.”  Did I […]

Hard Times

When you’re born poor, success seems to carry a high price tag.  Everything seems to cost money–more than you have.  Even the effort can seem overwhelming.  Your role models know how to stay in or near poverty; they’ve been doing it all their lives.  And there are more than one kind of poverty.  There is […]

Chicken Coop Crisis

The mother hen hatched off nine new baby chicks today.  Mother and chicks are doing fine, and the mother is teaching them how to the most basic of life-skills, eating.  My sister said a near disaster was averted two days ago.  She and her husband were worried about the upcoming cold weather, so they were […]

Being Open To Parables

I read in an obituary today where a woman was credited with being teachable and that it led to her being successful in the things she did.  That statement was a bit odd in an obituary, I thought, but I remembered it as I read my daily scripture reading in Matthew 13:15: “‘You will be […]


I have a friend who is mostly miserable.  At least his mood or temperament is one of low-grade discontent.  I must be careful when I am around him lest he infect me.  I like him–I really do, but I want to shout, “Enough already, let’s hear some cheer!” I have watched him, trying to figure […]

Beauty and Gratitude

We were created to be unique and beautiful.  It takes some of us a lifetime to realize this fact, especially if we were abused, mistreated, and criticized in our younger years.  The purpose of a parent is to look deep into the soul of their child and transfer this universal truth/knowledge into the heart of […]