Left Overs

Christmas is passed.  But the left overs are still sticking around.  Funny thing, they are now almost better than when they were fresh.  We departed from the traditional turkey and dressing or ham, and did lasagna instead.  With a salad.  I think it was a good idea as everyone had been very social over Thanksgiving, visiting and eating at several locations and with different family members.  No one had served lasagna.  However, the salad had problems.  I like to put several ingredients in my salads, one of which is cucumbers.  I saw the problems coming when my son told his wife to pour the salad over the top of his lasagna.  Cucumbers on top of lasagna…not a good idea.

I may have departed from traditional fare for Christmas, but I certainly didn’t lose my sweet tooth.  So I made lots of desserts, several cookie-type candies, and a few pastries for good measure. They are still sticking around my buffet.  And if I continue to eat them, they will be sticking around my legs and backside.  I quickly assess how soon New Years will come.  They MUST be gone by then.

My generosity is kicking in.  I find I’m giving away some of those sweets to anyone who will carry them out the door, with an apology.  I discovered the cookie-type candies don’t do well with artificial sugar.  They don’t hold together, but they taste great.  (I had used half Splenda and half sugar in the recipe for those who have diabetes.)  Now, it works just fine in the pecan pies I make each year.  Maybe it’s because they have a pastry shell to keep them together.

Food isn’t the only thing sticking around.  The tree and decorations are still up.  They look a little sad now that the anticipation is over.  We will put them away after New Years as a remembrance of the good times we had.

I learned again about the spirit of Christmas.  There is so much commercialism I normally dread Christmas coming.  But I remembered the gladness and happiness I saw in people’s faces as they prepared special gifts, decorations, and food for their loved ones.  It truly is a special time of the year when we focus on one another, anticipating what each person would want in their stocking, and the gathering together for the special occasion.  There is a spirit in the air, maybe it’s love.

We can certainly use repeats and left overs of that.  We could hold each loved one in esteem, and ponder what we can do to make them feel special.  Hospitality is always welcome. But then maybe we would have to call it by other names:  gratitude, humility, generosity…