Weatherizing In A Panic

I think there must be two categories of people in this world.  The schedulers and the procrastinators.  As much as I try, I think I must belong to the procrastinators.  I make my lists and write down my appointments (on scraps of paper that I misplace).  I’m getting better.  At one time I would have revolving lists: if I didn’t get “around to” a task, I would transfer it to a new list before I threw the old almost-finished one away.  I’m working off one list right now–an original one.  I figure I have given up on doing some of the projects; it’s just not that important any more, so why procrastinate?

One reoccurring task each year is weatherizing for winter.  I usually do it with a flashlight.  For one thing, I don’t watch the weather, my husband does.  It usually goes like this:  “You know, honey, it’s going to freeze tonight.  Do you have your plants in?”  This happens right after the news at 5:00 pm or 10:00 pm, whenever he catches me, and it’s always dark.  He mentions the plants because that will get my attention.  He calls them my “weeds.”

Of course, it’s more than the plants, it’s the car, the water hoses, any unprotected plumbing, the animals.  Ever try finding the antifreeze gauge in the storage shed after dark–not a pretty sight.  Or running to the store to get more.  I don’t think my husband has ever lifted a finger to help me out with this task or to warn me ahead of time.  But I shouldn’t complain.  I had fair warning.

When I first met him I was wearing a tee-shirt drenched in sweat, dirty as could be.  He told me later that he thought I must be married to some farmer who wouldn’t let me off the farm very often, but he thought I was interesting and desirable.  This is where I went wrong.  Anytime a man thinks a working woman drenched in dirt and sweat is attractive, then he will probably expect a lot of work out of her.  Hmm…

Well, another winter is prepared for.  I even dug up the geraniums and put them on a shelf in my bedroom window.  Their blooms greet me each day.  And I am grateful we have changing seasons where I live.  It would be too dreary to have the same climate all year long.  No snow.  No flashlights after dark.  No checking out the plumbing; no letting the water drip.